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Maia Research

Maia Research is the worlds leading international market consulting company and has been engaged in 6 major businesses namely industrial research, specialized market investigation, business information data, intelligent data analysis, investment consulting and IPO consulting since establishment. Sticking to the operation mode of 'global integration', we arrange businesses worldwide, with 50% in North America, 30% in Europe, Middle East and America and 20% in South America and the Asia Pacific. So far, we have studied on consumers and industries in over 150 countries and have made in-depth market in 80 countries. After years of development, Maia Research now provides reliable strategic management consulting, market survey and investment and financing services to global Top1000 companies, emerging businesses and investment institutions and tracks and analyzes massive information data of various industries. So, we have rich experience in investigation and research and are able to provide comprehensive, authoritative, fair and objective market information and investigation and study results to clients. Now, our business scope has stretched globally and has covered multiple sectors including Pharmaceuticals & Medical, FMCG, Chemical & Material, Construction, Machinery & Equipment, Automotive, Electronics, Agriculture, Energy & Environment, Service, Internetwork and Intelligent.


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