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India Concrete Admixtures Market By Type (Chemical Admixture, and Mineral Admixture), By Application (Commercial, Residential, and Infrastructure), By Region (Northern India, Southern India, Eastern India, and Western India); Trend Analysis, Competitive Market Share & Forecast, 2016-2026

India Concrete Admixtures Market By Type (Chemical Admixture, and Mineral Admixture), By Application (Commercial, Residential, and Infrastructure), By Region (Northern India, Southern India, Eastern India, and Western India); Trend Analysis, Competitive Market Share & Forecast, 2016-2026

Published date: 10-04-2020  Region: India  Pages: 169  Format: Pdf  Publisher Name: BlueWeave Consulting & Research SKU: RO3/117/1034

India Concrete Admixtures Market Forecast and Trends
India Concrete Admixtures Market is anticipated to propagate at a significant rate during the forecast period 2019-2026 due to increasing investment in the construction and infrastructure projects, as it is used to improve the quality of cement. Government investments in the development of airports are expected to propel the demand for concrete admixtures.
Rapid increase in the urban population is largely being witnessed in metro cities of the country, and this has an important impact on economic development. Moreover, non-metro cities track suit to such development schemes, and has resulted in fast-growing urbanization, which signifies growth opportunities and challenges for numerous end-use industries. Thus, the urbanization is one of the key factors for the India concrete admixtures market.
India Concrete Admixtures Market: Overview
Concrete admixtures are finely distributed elements in concrete other than cement, water and aggregate that are added to the concrete before or during the mixing process. It is used to reduce the cost of concrete, to enhance or modify the properties to hardened concrete, and to ensure the quality of concrete during mixing. It improves workability, quality, rheology, durability, and other properties of concrete. Concrete admixtures (additives) improves both physical and chemical properties of concrete for various applications in construction with special necessities. Concrete additives are used to attain desired workability in case of low water cement ratio, and to enhance setting time of concrete for long distance transportation of concrete.
Growth drivers
Increasing commercial activities
Increasing spending in non-residential sector to develop commercial, office and industrial buildings is expected to drive concrete admixtures market in India. These non-residential applications are to be expected to gain significant advantage during the forecast period. Health economic growth is anticipated to support its growth with introduction of new manufacturing refineries, plants, warehouses, restaurants, shopping malls, hotels and retail stores. Concrete admixture are the most extensively consumed construction chemicals as they are utilized as additions in concrete mix which assist in controlling the settling time of fresh concrete. They are anticipated to witness an increase in demand with redevelopment and construction activities carried out across the nation.
Easy availability of raw material
The raw materials such as cement, additives, sand, etc., are easily available in Indian markets at economically-feasible prices, which is estimated to increase the demand for tile adhesives in the India concrete admixtures market. Adoption of new techniques in construction, high use of concrete in the construction industry, and huge demand from end-use industries have led to the growth of the concrete admixtures market. Significantly increasing construction activities, due to growing industrialization, is anticipated to drive the growth of the concrete admixtures in the Indian market during the forecast period.
The cyclic nature of construction activity
The cyclic nature of the construction industry, along with strict regulatory processes, is hindering the growth of new construction projects in the Indian market to a certain extent. Additionally, the lack of skilled labor in India is also expected to impede the market growth.
India Concrete Admixtures Market: Type
On the basis of its Type, the market is segmented into Chemical Admixture and Mineral Admixture, from which the Chemical admixtures segment is expected to hold the largest market share, due to the high performance, high strength, excellent workability and durability. Moreover, the chemical admixtures is further divided into Water Reducer, Retarder, Accelerator, Air Entraining Admixture, Viscosity Modifier, Others. Among these, the air entraining admixtures is anticipated to grow at a high rate due to its ability to improve the durability of concrete exposed to cycle of freezing and thawing. Growth in the product demand is largely due to rising popularity of the high-rise buildings. The demand for the high-rise buildings have indeed grown in the recent times. With horizontal construction coming to halt due to limiting space in the city, developers are widely favoring the construction of vertical high towers to utilize more space.
India Concrete Admixtures Market: Application
Based on its Application, the market is segmented into Commercial, Residential and Infrastructure, from which the Infrastructure segment is expected to hold the largest market share owing to the demand for infrastructural development in India. The number of medical centers, education hubs, airports, IT Park, retail shopping centers, and shopping malls driven by better-quality living standards, rising tourism culture, will significantly drive the market. Positive growth in construction and renovation sector on account of increasing purchase power will consequently improve the overall concrete admixture market growth over the expected time period.
India Concrete Admixtures Market: Regional Insights
Geographically, the India Concrete Admixtures market is segmented into Northern India, Southern India, Eastern India, and Western India. The Northern India is anticipated to grow at a considerable rate over the forecast period owing to the construction activities in the cities such as Agra, Jhansi, Varanasi, Ghaziabad, etc. Moreover, the smart city project in India is also contributing to the growth of concrete admixtures in the Indian market.
India Concrete Admixtures Market: Competitive Landscape
Major players in the India Concrete Admixtures Market includes prominent names such as Ashland Inc., BASF SE, CEMEX SAB de CV, CICO Technologies Ltd., Euclid Chemical Company, Fosroc International, MAPEI SpA, MAPEI Construction Products India Pvt. Ltd., Pidilite Industries, RPM International Inc., Sika AG, Flowcrete India Ltd., Concrete Additives and Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., CHRYSO S.A.S., MYK LATICRETE India, Weber Saint-Gobain, Polisan Kimya San. A.S., Shandong Wanshan Chemical Co. Ltd., Sakshi Chem Sciences Pvt. Ltd., KERAKOLL India Pvt. Ltd., RPM International Inc., and other prominent players.
India Concrete Admixtures Market: Recent Developments
In October 2019, Adani Group has entered into a partnership with German chemical giant BASF to set up chemical factory at Mundra.
In March 2019, Penna Cement signed pact with SCR for long-term tarrif contract to transport freight at fixed rate.
By Type
Chemical Admixture

Water Reducer
Air Entraining Admixture
Viscosity Modifier
Others (Superplasticizers, etc.)
Mineral Admixture

Fly Ash
Silica Fume
Rice Husk
Blast Furnace Slag

By Application
By Region:
North America
Asia Pacific
Latin America
Middle East & Africa
The objective of the Study:
To analyze and forecast the India Concrete Admixtures Market size of the market in terms of value.
To examine the careful market segmentation and forecast the market size, in terms of value, based on the region by segmenting.
The India Concrete Admixtures Market segmented into four regions, namely, Northern India, Southern India, Eastern India, and Western India.
To outline, categorized, and forecast the India Concrete Admixtures Market based on the Type, and Application.

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