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Probiotic Ingredients Market

Probiotics areused as preventive healthcare ingredients to reduce the occurrence of diseases by boosting the immunity system of the body. These ingredients can improve digestive tract,reduce intestinal inflammation and improve gut health, if consumed in a required amount. In detail, the health problems includebacterial vaginosis, oral health, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, common cold, urinary tractand liver disorders can be prevented by intaking probiotics. Probiotics are recommended for intestinal and stomach illnesses. Metabolites produced by their metabolism are also crucial to benefits. High risk in occurrence of these diseases predominantly among the geriatric population boost the demand of Probiotics, which are easily available and considered as safe measure to prevent occurrence of diseases. Hence, the trend is estimated to drive the probiotic ingredients market growth over the forecast period.

Rising consumer awareness related to the benefits of probiotics has increased its demand over the past few years. Furthermore, various therapeutic benefits of bacteria are predicted to increase their usage in functional foods, such as custards, and yogurts, hence augmenting the market growth, over the forecast period.The availability of probiotic ingredients in various forms support the product innovation by the food and beverages manufacturers. Probiotic ingredient is a vital business opportunity for manufacturers to opt for, owing to its major application as a preventive ingredient. Dramatic shift towards rising consumption of dietary supplements has boosted the demand of Probiotic ingredient in related drugs, in a form of capsules, tablets, liquids and powder. However, some restraints related to research studies on probiotic ingredients is hindering the market growth in some forms. For instance, National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) published a study, which shows that all probiotics would not necessarily be safe for geriatric population.

Fragmented Competition Intensity of the market players in the global probiotic ingredients market


In a research study, the probiotic ingredients market isanalyzed as fragmented from nature, with presence of various market players and using R&D as their key strategy.

Companies are launching filing patents and launching novel products to gain a maximum market share and set foothold in the competitive industry of the probiotic ingredients. Probiotic ingredients market players are likely to scale novel market opportunities by adopting various market strategies, such as:

Market snapshot from companies’ strategical viewpoint:

In March 2018, Kerry Group acquired Ganeden Inc., a manufacturer and developer of probiotics. This acquisition would strengthen the market position of Kerry’ nutrition and general wellness in the US market and complement its existing product portfolio of probiotics.

In January 2018, Biogaia launched Protectis Probiotics, a chewable tablet consists of vitamin D and Lactobacillus reuteriprotectis. This product launch will help the company to strengthen its product portfolio offerings consist of probiotic strains.

In April 2018, Novozymes opened a new an Innovation and Technology Center in Istanbul. The center is an approach to cater the major part of the Middle East and Africa (MEA), the center is the locally-focused and most advanced in the region. The center was developed to reduce food wastage in MEA, by developing enzymes.

In December 2017, Royal DSM, a Netherlands based company acquiredBiocare Copenhagen A/S, a food supplements manufacturing and supplying Denmark-based company. The acquisition would help the company to increase the product offerings consist of ingredients such as probiotic gut health ingredients.

In September 2016, Chr. Hansen acquired LGG, a company that provides a range of ingredients for the food & beverage industry. The acquisition will help the company to strengthen its probiotic product profile.

Chr. Hansen A/S also announced the product launch named Galli Pro Fit, a multi-strain probiotic product thatincreases the immunity of poultry animals, improves gut health, and restrain the growth of pathogens.

In September 2016, Tropicana Products, Inc. launched a product named ‘Tropicana Essentials Probiotics’ in three flavors such as, Pineapple Mango, StrawberryBanana, and Peach Passion Fruit, with functional benefit of Probiotics. Novel flavor combination with a trusted brand would help the company to increase its reach among consumers.

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