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Chatbots Reshaping Healthcare Administration


Technology and healthcare have a synergistic relationship.With increasing use of technology in every sector,chatbots and artificial intelligence are gaining a special position in healthcare.Doctors and researchers are applying technological advancements in healthcare to change the communication system between patients and doctors as well as how patient care is administered.

Increased use of smart devices and applications in healthcare sector can help better monitoring of the patient and take good care of him.Chatbots are a very useful and a revolutionary step in the healthcare industry as they create an easy conversational setting to encourage the users to talk openly about their health issues.Chatbots usesoftware which applies Artificial intelligence to process interactions between humans and virtual assistants.These chatbots are computer programs that use smart algorithms. Medical practitioners can compare and take inputs from multiple sources or apps and convert them as insights and recommendations over a chatbot. this advice can then be administered to the patient.

Chatbots work as personal assistants to users; they  help them remind of medication timings ,work as a 24 hour customer care service to help deal with any health related problem .These apps can understand the easiest languages and can provide you with instant answers anywhere and at anytime.The major drivers to global healthcare chatbots market is the rising and cheaper internet connectivity, fastersmart devices adoption and need for virtual health assistance. But the major challengesincludes less awareness among patients as well as doctors,lack of expertise and data privacy concerns.

Healthcare chatbots market is segmented on the basis of component,deployment model,application,end user and region.Based on components healthcare chatbots market is divided into software and services inwhich the software segment held the larger share in 2018.On regional basis,Europe tops the chatbots market followed by North America,Asia and rest of the world.

The market share of the patient usage is much higher in terms of end user owing to rising symptom checker adoption.Medical assistance chatbots such as Florence and Melody notify patients about missed medication and medication reminders.Health care providers such as clinicians and organizations use chatbots such as SafeDrugBot to identify diseases and store large amount of healthcare data helping them in easy diagnosis and make critical decisions.Insurance companies use these chatbots to guide their employees and clients to effectively choose between the various treatment options and avoid unnecessary costs.

With increasing applications of chatbots in the healthcare industry and rising acceptance of artificial intelligence and smart devices the global healthcare chatbot market is estimated to rise approximately at a rate of above 21.5% between 2019 to 2025.

The key players in the healthcare chatbot market are Anboto, Creative Virtual, eGain, Inbenta, Nuance, CX CompanyBabylon Healthcare Service Limited (UK), Baidu, Inc. (China), Ada Digital Health Ltd. (Germany), PACT Care BV (Netherlands), Woebot Labs, Inc. (US), and GYANT.Com, Inc. (US).

The future is indeed very promising as far as usage of chatbots in the healthcare industry is concerned.


Contributed By: Ruda Khan


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